TRIUMF Meeting Room Capabilities

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RoomSeatingScreensProjectorsEVO H.323PresenterWhite BoardSpeaker PhoneVidyoStreaming
ISAC2 Video 222 3033Y (I222-pc.av)M (I222-h.av)sxNYY*N
ISAC2 Video 223 3033Y (I223-pc.av) offline NYYNN
Main Conference 2621Y (MOB-pc.av)M (MOB-h.av)sx1YYYN
Auditorium 16031Y (AUD-pc.av)HM (AUD-h.av)NNYY*
Boardroom 2611Y (BRD-pc.av) H (BRD-av) YYYYN
ISAC2 Conference 3011NNYYYNN
Theory ??11NM (THRY-h.av)sx2Y%YNN
ATLAS 821Y(atlasvideo-mac)NNYYYN
Innovation 1210NNNYYNN
Trailer Gg 1211NNNYNNN
Trailer Hh 1011NNNNYNN
Design Office 1010NNNNNNN


* - May not have been tested; Vidyo cannot fully control video capture card

Updated Sept 2017, Aug 2018